Nicer Profiles (Installer) UX (version 0.3)

Nicer Profiles UX stands for "Nicer Profiles User eXperience".
So far this profile provides nicer User Interface using Colorbox) to "preview" the external links whose appear in descriptions of any profile in the Profile installer (like this one → Colorbox).
It also highlights and bolds the line which is clicked to expand the profile details so it is easier to see what profile the user is working with.
It makes the profile details area resizable too.

Installation & Update

From your Tiki → Admin home → Profiles admin panel by hitting the Apply Now button (or Forget and Re-apply to update) the following YAML code will be applied:

  type: module
   name: Nicer Profiles UX
   position: bottom
   order: 1
   groups: [ Admins ]
    nobox: y
   custom: |
        $('#tabs_admin_profiles').delegate('tr[id^=profile] td div a:not([href^=#])','click',function() {
                iframe: true, opacity: 0.75, rel: 'preview', width:'70%', height:'90%', title: 'Preview of '+$(this).text(), href: $(this).attr('href'), open: true
            return false;
        $('#tabs_admin_profiles').delegate('a[href^="javascript:showDetails"]','click',function() {
            if ($(this).parent().parent().attr('style')) {
            } else {
                $(this).parent().parent().css('box-shadow','0 0 1em 0 white');
        $('#tabs_admin_profiles').on('click','a[href^="javascript:showDetails"]',function() {
            var profilesub = $(this).parent().parent().attr('id');
            profilesub = profilesub+'-sub';
            $('#tabs_admin_profiles').on('mouseenter','#'+profilesub+' > td > div',function() {
            $('#tabs_admin_profiles').on('mouseleave','#'+profilesub+' > td > div',function() {

The Nicer Profiles UX Module

This profile creates a custom module and assigns the module to the Admins group so only members of this group can use it. It will put the jQuery Smarty block code which is contained within the profile's "custom:" part in the YAML code to the module body. The module will be assigned to the bottom zone but is literally "invisible".


Just un-assign and delete the module on the Admin → Modules page.