Nicer Profiles UX (version 0.3)

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Released Versions

0.3 — Fixed the bug "JS error in Tiki 12: make it work with Tiki 12" - so works in Tiki 12 now ! :-)

0.2 — It now also highlights the line which is clicked to expand the profile details so it is easier to see what profile the user is working with.

Highlights from the history of changes:

2014-01-23 23:25 by luci
improve code readability

2014-01-23 23:08 by luci
new feature: make the profile window resizable on mouse enter

2014-01-23 21:08 by luci
added bolding for the highlighted line text

2014-01-23 11:48 by luci
use .delegate() function instead of deprecated .live() to make it compatible with newer Tiki/jQuery versions

0.1 — Initial release. This profile provides so far a nicer UI with previews of the links from the descriptions of profiles in the Profile installer. It basically just makes them open in Colorbox.