Welcome to luci's personal Tiki Profiles repository

This site is meant to be helpful mainly by providing alternative resource to Tiki Profiles but please keep in mind it is constantly under development so I cannot guarantee 100% availability and function all the time.

It uses the Tiki itself as its content management system. The Free/Libre OpenSource software is licensed under the terms of LGPL 2.1.

The content (mainly the profiles) of this site is licensed under MIT License unless otherwise stated so you can re-use the content and apply profiles for your personal or commercial use freely. In the future you may find some commercial only content or more or less restricted content here too.

Use at your own risk! Backup your Tiki database before applying a profile or other use! Bugs can happen!

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To add this Profile repository to your Tiki add the line below to your Admin (Control Panels) → "Profiles" → "Advanced" tab → "Repository URLs" text area:

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